Difference Between Mac and Windows

Difference Between Mac and Windows

Windows Vs Mac

There is a controversy that arises when we talk about the difference between Macintosh and Windows. Mac and Windows are two different computer system which runs on different Operating Systems (OS). Both have merits and demerits, making them both possible choices. It also depends on our purpose of use, whether we are going to use it for business purpose or personal use. Apple Inc. sells Mac, Microsoft Inc. sells Windows.

Macintosh or Mac is a computer system which runs on a Unix-based operating system which is designed by Apple. Microsoft designs the Windows-based computers which operate in different operating systems. Currently, the operating system used for Macs is Mac OS, which is designed in the graphic interface. There are some other window-based computers which run on different Operating Systems designed by Microsoft. They are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. They are widely used in a variety of PCs.

Macs receive fewer viruses which come from the internet as It has a built-in security system, but Windows-based computers do not have their built-in security except Windows firewall. So, one needs to purchase Antivirus software to protect the Windows systems from viruses. This antivirus program needs updates every day to deal with the latest viruses. As window based computers are widely used in different PCs, it becomes more vulnerable for the virus attack, but Mac cannot receive those viruses because it does not support Windows’ file types. Hackers may attack Windows as they always try to hack Windows-based systems, but Macs are free from them as they do not support the file types made for Windows.

Macs are easier to purchase than that of Windows PCs because there are certain PCs brands which have a dozen computers sold under similar product names and model numbers. Selecting a Windows PC can be difficult, especially when we are browsing on sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Picking a Mac does not require much research because Apple has made it easier to select. We just need to pick the one which matches our budget, and it will be great for us.

Mac computers are easier to get repair than Windows-based computers. To repair window based computers, different places are having different prices, so we need to choose a well-reputed one. In the case of repairing Macs, we simply need to go to the Apple store or service center. 

Macs are simpler than Windows to use because it provides a comparatively clean, and simple experience than that of Windows fantastic operating systems. Windows OS has a lot of functions and features, which is a little bit disarranged.

Macs are generally used for graphics and multimedia services like photo editing, editing videos, creating music and transferring photos from a camera. They also used for educational purpose. Windows are widely used for the official purpose as they are best for office use. Macs and Windows have the same specifications, but Macs are costlier than Windows. Macs are costly because they come with many built- in securities and have more applications than Windows, which adds more costs. 

Macs are used on a long-term basis since they are designed to operate the latest software available in the market. A little bit older Windows do not support the latest software, so one needs to update or buy a new PC. 

In Macs troubleshooting, a problem is easier than that in Windows. Macs provide simple and good architecture. When it encounters a problem, it detects and repairs it automatically. Windows have a very complex architecture, and it even takes days in troubleshooting a problem. When a certain problem arises, Macs do not require a boot, the problem can be solved by only reinstalling the system. In the case of Windows, it needs to reinstall the system and other applications.

The newer versions of Mas are always free. Whenever Apple releases a new version, it is available to download for free and install in any Mac which supports it. To update a new version in Windows we need to pay some amount. Macs have more beautiful ‘RETINA’ displays, which are Sharp and Vibrant. Windows have more responsible keyboards and mouse having multiple buttons, but some customers prefer the simplicity and beauty of Macs.

In the case of high-performance actions like gaming, Windows is best as Apple lacks the support of playing modern games. If we need the features of Windows in Mac, we only need to install the Windows operating system in our Macintosh computer. Macs can’t run on other systems other than Apple machines.

Both Macs and Windows have strengths and weakness. Macs – designed for security, beautiful designs, and wide consumer support. Macs are very costly to purchase. Windows- designed for high-performance gaming and office use. Windows is affordable for a businessman to provide a bulk of people in the office as it is cheaper to purchase. Windows is also fast and efficient in things like messaging, social media, and browsing the internet.

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